Inland Empire Bridal Hair

Inland Empire Bridal Hair Accessories Buying Guide

The newest look in Inland Empire Bridal Hair are elegant headbands, decorative hair pins, bridal hats with a soft, sheer veil, feathers, and crystal brooches.


Handmade roses adorned with crystal sprays resting on a small straw base, gathered tulle accented with rhinestones and feathers…. if you can dream it, you can wear it with elegance and sophistication.


We have entered into a time where the bride can look more glamorous than ever. There are so many hair accessories available it really is very hard to decide which one to choose.


Bridal hats are lovely and very stylish when constructed from horsehair ribbon, sinamay, or satin covered crinoline bases. Horsehair ribbon is a fine sheer woven mixture of horsehair, crinoline, and nylon. Although it doesn’t sound like a fabric that would be used to make a bridal hat, it is actually a beautiful product.


Horsehair has been used by milliners for a very long time. It is also used in clothing, belts, and furniture. Violin bows are made with horsehair and the ribbon is used in the hem of bridal dresses and Inland Empire Bridal Hair to make them stand out. Sinamay is a natural plant product used by milliners to make hats and ribbon embellishments.


Crinoline is a stiffened fabric that can be molded on a millinery hat form. It too is used in clothing and upholstery products.


Feathers are one of the most popular choices for bridal hats, headbands, clips, and fascinators. Ostrich, marabou, coque, and pheasant feathers are very beautiful when used in bridal accessories. They have an elegant, soft look that is like no other.


Inland Empire Bridal Hair – Sizes vary from a few inches to twenty eight inches or more


Birdcage veils are a beautiful way to top off a bridal hat or fascinator. A very soft, feminine look can be achieved by using a bridal illusion veil.


French or Russian netting is also popular. It has large diamond shapes and sometimes has dots of soft fabric scattered across the netting. French or Russian netting comes in 9″ and 12″ widths. It can be cut into a small piece to embellish a feather or fabric flower or be worn to cover the face falling just below the chin. A wink veil is made to cover one eye.


Other options for the birdcage veil are covering both eyes, falling across the nose, or mouth. They can also be attached to a fascinator base or pinned directly to the hair with bobby pins.


Placement of hair accessories can be on either side of the head, on the top, on the crown of the heart, or in the back. The hair style will dictate the placement and type of accessory. If the accessory is chosen first, the hair style can be designed around it.


The tips in this article are designed to make choosing bridal hair accessories an exciting project and to help you decide which one is best for your special day. The key is to choose a style that fits the theme of your wedding and wear it with confidence.