Using Keywords in Your SEO Campaign and bulk url opener

bulk url opener

In order to be successful online you have to increase the natural search engine results for your website.

Some sources suggest that the top three natural search results on Google get more than 60% of all clicks. How far down are you in the search engine listing?

In this article we are going to take a look at how keywords affect your search engine rankings.

The biggest mistake you can make is using keywords that YOU think are relevant. Remember that your clientele may not know the industry like you, so they may not know the “correct” keywords to use, but they are the ones using them, so you had better learn what they are.

If your web hosting company gives you access to log files (webalizer, awstats), then you will be able to see a list of keywords that were used to get to your site. If your web hosting company doesn’t, then it’s time to move your website.

An important point to remember about keyword optimisation is that you should try to focus on one (or maybe two closely related keywords) per page. In other words bulk url opener, Let’s say in our dog grooming business we have facilities to groom big dogs, as well as little dogs, plus we sell accessories (leashes, shampoo, etc), then we should set up 3 different pages to target those categories.

Below I’m going to go through some of the keyword processes for large dogs, but the same knowledge applies to our little dogs and dog accessories pages.

Title Tag

An extremely important SEO element is the page title and bulk url opener


tag found in the header of your page. This title should be short, descriptive and well thought out. Don’t repeat words too many times and don’t write your entire site’s content into these tags.

For example, in our large dog page, my


tag might be

<title>Large Dog Groomers | Grooming your Doberman</title>

In the example above, I’ve used groomers and grooming, two closely related keywords. Notice also that I said “Doberman”. In other words, depending on how popular certain breeds of dogs are in your neighbourhood, you may want to set up multiple large dog grooming pages, ie,

<title>Large Dog Groomers | Grooming your German Shepherd Dog</title>

<title>Large Dog Groomers | Grooming your Rottweiler</title>

Just be careful with this technique though. Google does penalise duplicate content, so you cannot just copy the content from one page to another. Also, and more importantly, your users are not stupid. They don’t want to go to page after page that is exactly the same content. Rather, find info specific to each breed, and include it there.

Headings (H1 Tag)



Tag (and to a lesser extent H2, H3) tags are very important to the search engines. Just like you would see the heading of a chapter in a book as an important indication as to what the chapter is about, so Google sees the H1 tag as a clue to the content of your page. Make it short and sweet, but very targeted to your keyword you are optimising for, eg,

<h1>Large Breed Dog Grooming</h1>

You should consider using the




tags as subheadings for paragraphs (just as we’ve done here!).

Again, each page should use unique heading tags.

Keyworded URL

Wherever possible, you should use keywords in your URL. This is a great indication of what the page is going to be and lends a lot of weight to your SERP (search engine ranking placement). So, our web address may be city groomers(dot)com. For our large breed page, we may use city groomers(dot)com/dog-grooming/large-breeds.html.

Reverse Mobile Phone Number Directories – Lookup a Name and Address Online

You can use on-line reverse transportable range directories to operate a reputation and address for any cellular, mobile, or wireless range you wish to understand additional concerning. These on-line services were engineered specifically to assist you to discover this info.


Because there aren’t any transportable listings on the market for gratis – privacy laws forestall them from being revealed by wireless carriers while not bound restrictions – there isn’t any alternative thanks to getting the data quickly. you’ll be able to attempt wanting the quantity au fait the web to ascertain if you’ll be able to realize something concerning the phone owner however your probabilities of finding any results are extremely slim. Most of the people are careful concerning NOT golf stroke their cell range on the web anyplace.


However, the businesses United Nations agency assemble reverse transportable range directories grasp that we frequently require this info. As a result, if they’re not commanded to identical sets of laws that forestall the wireless carriers from collecting personal info, they’re able to place these services out for North American countries to use. It prices them cash to collect this info, though, since it isn’t on the market even to them in any free public reverse directory.


To get this info, you may realize the directories use multiple on-line and offline sources to collect innumerable phone records, landline numbers, blocked numbers, and transportable numbers alongside owner name, address, and background info into one central info from which we will obtain info concerning any range visit the site for more information


There area unit each personal and skilled reasons for mistreatment reverse transportable range directories:


Personal Reasons to try and do a Reverse Mobile operation


Stop prank callers

Check out a replacement lover or girlfriend

Find out United Nations agency is looking you from a cell range you do not acknowledge

Know additional concerning the folks line your significant other or relations

Professional Reasons to try and do a Reverse Mobile operation

Get background info on a replacement worker

Locate the name ANd address of a client United Nations agency placed an order and left solely a cell range

Reverse 800 numbers to seek out the names of companies United Nations agency area unit line your workplace

Find the new address for a client United Nations agency owes you cash except for whom you merely have a mobile range

As you’ll be able to see, these reasons for doing a reverse mobile operation are all necessary and facilitate making a case for not solely the existence of those directories, however the importance of having the ability to induce a reputation and address on a telephone number.

This additionally explains why these reverse transportable range directories supply many forms of choices for obtaining a telephone number report. you’ll be able to purchase either one report or be part of their service for a one-time membership fee and have access to their name and address info for multiple free searches as required.


Best of all, you do not need to pay something simply to ascertain the kind of knowledge which may air file for a telephone number. Visit a reverse transportable range directory, enter the telephone number in question, and take a glance at the free results they show before you’ve got to pay something. The free reverse mobile result can be all the data you would like.

Best SEO Tools

We know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for any web site to achieve success. But, big SEO companies are taking coup bucks for it. So, why pay so much when you can do it yourself within no time with the right SEO tools? Well, below is a list of top 10 SEO tools that will surely help you to SEO your site like a pro and without spending a lot of dollars:


  1. ResellerGo


This is a great SEO tool that allows you to submit your site to over 2,000 directories within no time. You can try this great SEO tool free of charge by joining and selecting the “Free Plan.” It also offers upgraded plans with added benefits


  1. We Build Web Pages


With the help of this SEO tool, you can compare your site against the top 10 sites listed in Google for any particular keyword. All you have to do is enter your keyword and it will start comparing 9 different metrics


The top 10 rankings


  1. Zippy


This SEO tool queries all the major engines and returns results for META search in a format most suitable for webmasters.


  1. URL Trends


This tool allows you to check any of the information about all of the selected URLs; whether it is the Page Rank of that site or any other thing they monitor.


  1. NUAH


It is another great SEO tool. It crawls through your entire site; see how many pages you have, their respective Page Ranks, keywords and descriptions. It also offers a sitemap generator for both Google and Yahoo.


  1. Widexl


This tool offers the following free SEO tools:


o Link Popularity


o Search Engine Saturation


o Meta Tag Analyzer


o Password Generator


o Geo Tracker


  1. iWebTool


iWebTool has a lot of SEO tools including backlinks and PageRank predictor, Google Banned Checker, Link Popularity, Keyword Suggestion etc.


  1. Ezer


This tool allows you to check your Page Rank across all the data centers.


  1. Link Harvester


This tool is probably the most advanced link analysis tool available in the market. It can:


o Find every single site that is linking to you within no time


o Reports the total number of pages of your web site that are indexed


o Reports the total number of links pointing to any specific page


o Reports the total number of inbound links, home page links, and deep link ratio


o And a lot more.


  1. HitTail


This SEO tool exposes the least utilized, most promising keywords hidden in the Long Tail of your natural search results within no time. It presents these terms to you as suggestions that when acted on can boost the natural search results of your site.



Lookups Starts with the First 6 Digits of a area codes

Strange numbers can appear in your caller Identification whenever you want area codes. Although some of these are merely completely wrong amounts, some could carry on and call. When figures won’t depart emails, there may be difficulties. You may possibly not ensure that this really is a contact that you might want to adopt, and that is certainly usually an individual problem. You may not obtain a title in this way, but uncover more in regards to an amount if you check out the place code and also the prefix of any telephone number.

The prefix as well as the place telephone codes associated with a phone number can advise you greater than you realize in regards to a phone or possibly a mystery caller. They are the first 6 figures you locate in any long distance amount. These may be nearby numbers if you are handling a cell variety.

Once you know what to do with these amounts of telephone codes, you can get an extremely thorough spot of the get in touch with.

It is possible to initially check out the three numbers that begin the series of your cellular phone number. They are the place requirements area codes, and they can let you know a general region that a call was positioned in. In some instances, the area computer code gives you the state, but most commonly, this computer code symbolizes merely a section of a state.

Much more area codes requirements are positioned inside the areas covering

The north Us Numbering Prepare, as increasingly more numbers are required for mobile cell phones. Once you have narrowed things telephone codes straight down through the place code, you then desire to proceed to the prefix. These are the upcoming about three phone numbers in every phone number. The prefix can recognize a whole city if it is a small one, but a majority of larger sized regions have several prefix. Tiny cities can have five or half a dozen, and key towns have lots of more than that. The prefix, along with the location code, can present you with a very good thought of when a phone arises from with little searching from you.

Though both the prefix and also the location computer code can let you know a great deal, that is not always adequate details. Whenever you can find a label or even a business that may be utilizing that number, if you want more, you are able to make the most of a change cell phone search that permits you to lookup a variety, any quantity