Cancer in Dogs and Cats – Herbal Supplementation May Help

Cancer in Dogs and Cats
The condition of cancer in dogs and cats carries special nutritional requirements which are not completely clear. What we know is that a pet with cancer will undergo many physical changes as the body adjusts to having cancer. Without intervention, including herbal supplementation, a pet will experience drastic muscle wasting and often significant weight loss.


It is important for dogs and cats to drink fluids either through direct drinking of water or through their diet. Many cats, even when healthy, do not ingest a lot of water and so it is highly recommended to add moisture to the pet’s diet through canned foods, fresh foods, partially soaked dry kibble, or gravies and Fenbendazole for dogs.


In addition to water, dogs and cats need to maintain a high level of calories, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Unfortunately, many dogs and cats with cancer, especially as it advances, eat even less food or the cancer physically affects the pet’s ability to eat or absorb nutrients. Less food means weight loss and unfortunately, a pet’s diet quickly becomes unbalanced as it subsists on small portions, table scraps, or whatever a caring pet owner can get into it.


While Western medicine has come to rely on surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy to temporarily stave off cancer, for most cancer in dogs and cats these methods buy only a little extra time. Anywhere from a month or two to a year and a half is common, depending on the kind of cancer and severity.


Fenbendazole for dogs, but they aren’t always the best method 


In fact, chemotherapy can depress or even destroy a pet’s immune system leaving them vulnerable to illness and death. Herbal and natural remedies can help provide the missing link of nutrients that are necessary to keep a pet healthy and to help revive its immune system.


Medical records are filled with validation that supplementation with herbs has helped a pet live longer than expected and more importantly, helped them enjoy a good quality of life. Dr. Richard Clemmons, an Associate Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the University of Florida, says various studies have shown that the supplement cat’s claw has been used to bring about the successful remission of tumors, like brain tumors. Cat’s claw comes from the Peruvian rainforest and the locals have long used it for the treatment of cancer.


Other natural elements have been shown to be effective in cancer treatment. Dr. Shawn Messonnier, author of The Natural Vet’s Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs, says that burdock root has become an effective addition to supplementation for cancer patients. It removes any unwanted toxins from the body like environmental toxins or chemotherapy.


Other herbal treatments for cancer in dogs and cats include slippery elm to help soothe the digestive tract, sheep sorrel to act as a powerful antioxidant, turmeric root to act as an anti-inflammatory, and Turkish rhubarb root for an astringent and cleanser of the digestive tract.


There are many accounts of how these herbs work to help the body heal itself. While complete remission may not be seen immediately, they are a powerful natural addition to any cancer treatment regime. They provide an extra arsenal in treating your pet’s cancer that many holistic veterinarians stand behind. Of course, as with any supplement, always consult your veterinarian or qualified health care provider before use


The Benefits of Sober Living

For recovering addicts who are trying to remain clean and sober the choices made upon graduating from the treatment program can be crucial. Many people graduate from treatment programs and are then returned back to the exact same place and situation they were in while they were using. For a recovering addict this can be a big mistake.


Transitioning back into the community and trying to avoid the negative aspects that lead them to addiction can be very difficult. Especially if they are surrounded by the same negative conditions they were in before their treatment.


This is where Sober Living South Jersey comes in. These homes can provide the recovering addict with the structure and stability needed to keep them focused. This allows them to transition back into society without any of the stress and temptations they would face if returning to their old environments. During this time they are able to seek outside treatment, attend meetings for addicts or self-help groups, maintain employment and build bonds with their friends and families. Unlike treatment facilities, sober living residents can stay for as long as they need to rather than being sent back to the streets after a set amount of time.


There are many benefits to residing in a Sober Living South Jersey. Below are just a few:



Many people leaving treatment facilities may be on fixed incomes or not have enough income to pay a first month’s rent, deposit, utilities, etc… Most sober living homes provide all utilities and do not ask for credit checks or rental deposits. The average sober living home in California charges around $500 a month and provides free cable TV, phone and internet.


Support System

Another benefit is the support system. All residents of the home share the common goal of trying to remain clean and sober. This means that there is always someone around who is willing to help when they may need the support of someone else to keep them focused.


Central Locations

Most homes are located in central areas so that residents have access to public transportation, shopping, AA/NA meetings and other resources.


Structured Environment

Although not as restrictive as treatment programs, residents must follow many guidelines designed to keep them on the right path. Residents must actively attend AA/NA meetings or some other form of outside treatment for addiction. They may not bring drugs or alcohol in the home and must refrain from using drugs or alcohol for the duration of their stay. They are expected to respect others, clean up after themselves and help maintain the cleanliness of the home. Most homes have curfews as well.

Sober living is not the solution to addiction. However, it can play a major role in helping the addict remain clean. Combined with continued treatment, peer and family support many recovering addicts are now living positive lifestyles free from drugs and alcohol.


Designing Network Transactions

Applications are the backbone of business roles. To reach the business goals of the customer, the network architect must guarantee application performance. Nevertheless, every single application or traffic type has dissimilar requirements IT services, which can create performance issues.


Transaction-Processing Applications Transaction-processing is a kind of processing in which the PC responds instantly to user requests. Every request created by the user is a transaction. All these transactions may need extra operations to take place. Therefore, application transactions are a big and important consideration in network design.




An atomic transaction ensures that either all the processes of a transaction are executed or none of them are. If the transaction is not entirely processed, then the whole transaction is canceled.




A consistent transaction confirms that partial transactions are not permitted. If a partial transaction happens, the system returns immediately to the previous state.


Isolated IT services


An isolated transaction is a secure transaction that is totally isolated from all the other transactions on the net. Security is a main network design concern. Access control lists (ACLs), data encryption, and firewalls to the network topology are highly recommended for every modern network.




A durable transaction ensures that after the transaction is finalized, the transaction will never be undone even if the system faces a failure. A robust design for transaction processes needs redundancy at several levels. These levels take account of the Physical Layer connections, servers as well as network devices like switches and routers. The net expert evaluates redundancy and security devices that support applications.




Integrating transaction applications entails that the designer needs to think through the impact of each transaction on the net. This process is vital, since extra cabling or network devices may be needed to deliver the redundancy or available throughput that these transactions need. Redundancy has the following advantages: 1. reduced network downtime, 2. improved availability of applications.


Nets with redundancy reduce single points of failure. If a route or device fails, the redundant route or device can be used. Servers that process transactions have another path to receive or forward traffic. This guarantees that the application is accessible when the client requests it.


Routers can also provide redundancy if we install protocols like Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) or Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP). RSTP stops Layer 2 switching loops that can happen with redundant switches. On the other hand, HSRP can offer Layer 3 redundancy and a reliable recovery mechanism.


Designing a reliable, redundant network can save you a lot of money and time.


Private Drug Treatment Centers – How to Choose

Private drug treatment centers can be equated with high quality service and high costs compared to a conventional rehab center. Since choosing a program for you, a family member or a close friend assumes an important thing for you; you may as well take extra caution to see that you are choosing a private drug rehab that is worth every bit of money that you put in. The profit motive is obviously an important thing for these private rehabs since they are obviously not running a charity here. So you might as well not take things for granted and make the best choice. Here are some pointers:


  1. Ask people you trust about a good private rehab: You may ask your family doctor or some friend who is in the know about reputed but credible rehabs around the town or city. You can also choose to look for some good private drug treatment centers online and find out how good they are.

Going through the reviews and comments of people who have visited or been treated in the drug treatment centers in Alpharetta Georgia rehab will definitely give you an idea.


  1. Find out if the program is accredited: There are many institutions who claim to have helped thousands of people fight drug addiction. But to be doubly sure, you have to find if the drug rehab is board certified. Even a non-accredited facility is good no doubt, but if you are willing to spend thousands of dollars in a private drug rehab, it might as well be for an accredited one, because should you be involved in a legal case, you still have recourse because you had gone to an accredited institution.


  1. Pay attention to the detox: 


Drug treatment centers in Alpharetta Georgia and the most important step of rehabilitation


Unless the toxins are not fully removed from the system, the treatment cannot commence. So when you visit a drug rehab, ask about the detox program, what chemicals or medicines are used and how effectively and efficiently it works.


  1. Take a tour: As a patient, you may be living in this private drug rehab for a long time. If you have chosen a high end treatment center, there will be a world -class facility with pools, spas and other detoxifying luxuries. But there is nothing like a first-hand look. Walk the grounds, talk to the staff, feel the atmosphere so that you can get to know how therapeutic the center is and whether it will be a good place for grooming your personality, improving your health as well besides treating yourself off your addiction.


  1. Do not be swayed by talks of quick programs: Many drug treatment centers, even the private ones, talk about how quick and fast their results are. Stay away from them because they may not be legitimate. People who research drug rehabs and their functioning have stated that those which have programs which last for 30 days and more are actually effective in treating drug addiction totally. The ones which talk about getting rid of the addiction in less than 20 days or so are possibly doing a half-hearted job.


  1. The price: If you are going to a private drug treatment center, do not expect the prices to be low. But at least make sure that the treatment is comprehensive, the infrastructure is enviable and the amenities and programs are so good that you do not mind paying a high amount of money. It is going to be a big health investment for someone who has been addicted to drugs, so we have to make sure that it is worth it.


The inpatient as well outpatient services are available to the addict. In inpatient treatment, the addict remains in the rehab facility for the duration of the recovery program, whereas outpatient services allow the patient to reside at home. Field services are offered by many drug treatment centers, as well as community meetings and educational programs geared toward recovery. Addiction to a wide range of substances, including codeine, opium, alcohol, methamphetamine, heroine, cocaine, and morphine, are treated in these treatment centers. Treatment centers are skilled at helping addicts recover from all types of addiction.


The drug treatment center provides after care programs, recovery plans, family programs, spiritual support, and education programs for addicts and their families. The after care services offered by the drug treatment center can be very effective in preventing relapse. Constant counseling and exercise can help the addict return to a normal routine life without addiction. The addict can be completely cured if the rehab treatment is followed vigorously. Treatment can give the addict the key to a healthy life.


What Does a Substance Abuse Evaluation Involve?

Dealing with substance abuse issues can be a very daunting task. The withdrawal symptoms that most attempts at suddenly refusing to take the substance that a person has become addicted to can be extremely hard to deal with to put it lightly. If you have been pondering over approaching a qualified rehab center for help then you will no doubt be interested in knowing what exactly a substance abuse evaluation that these organizations perform. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.


Substance Abuse Evaluation – The Basics substance abuse treatment Georgetown


While each Rehab center will go about conducting a substance abuse evaluation in its own specific way, the basics always remain the same –


Physical, Psychological and Psychiatric Examination – This will be performed by a group of licensed Psychologists, Physicians and Psychologists. The goal at this stage is to determine the effect that the abuse in question is having on your physiology so that the best possible combination of treatments can be determined.


Many rehab centers also utilize nationally recognized screening tools to understand the addiction level of the patient, these can include popular screening tools including but not limited to –


  1. Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory, substance abuse treatment Georgetown


  1. SASSI-3, Michigan Alcohol Screening Test,


  1. MAST,


  1. DSM-IV


  1. American Society of Addiction Medicine Diagnostic Criteria for Substance Abuse and Dependence


When you go in for rehab, you will also be kept under observation for mood, behavior and general social behavior.


You will also be required to go through a clinical interview with senior facility staff where your family background, social, legal, mental and substance abuse history will be quizzed in order to determine the scope and severity of the problem. A Psychosocial evaluation is also performed by an Addiction Specialist at this stage.


After a successful evaluation has been completed, a written clinical summary and recommended treatment routine will be given to you.


Finding the right Substance Abuse Treatment for yourself


Rehab is never easy and can often take up to months to bring a person out of their addicted state of mind, back into soberness. Given the time required for treatment, finding a treatment center which best suits your needs and one where you too are comfortable is paramount. Against popular misconception, Rehab centers are not “concentration camps” where people are zapped with thousands of volts of electricity to bring them out of their little jaunts. All rehab centers are caring, nurturing places where people are helped by very qualified professionals who best understand how hard it is to get over addiction.

Getting Started With Biking: Tips for Heavy Cyclists

Riding a bicycle outdoors is a great exercise if you are a bit overweight. Because cycling is a low impact exercise, it does not strain your joints as is experienced among joggers and runners. Cycling is a good option to exercise particularly if you want to do it at your own pace. Should you want to shed off those excess pounds, you might want to remember and do the following tips.


Determination to Pursue Cycling.

It is normal to be hesitant to get on that bike and worry about what people might say or how you would look and bikes for overweight people.

Don’t fret. Most experienced heavy riders attest that such feeling won’t last. All you have to do is to have that determination to get on that bike and pedal your way to good health. You can conquer that fear however, you might want to take that first step.


Choose a bike that fits. The first thing you might want to consider is getting a bike that fits. You may consult your local bike shop for bike fitting. Giving the bicycle a test ride to see how comfortable you are riding it would be a good idea.


Start with flat terrain. You may want to start out riding through flat terrains in your yard, neighborhood street or the park area. Carefully plan your route so you would be biking along paths you are confident you can tackle. Then as you gain your confidence you can start biking with uphill terrain but a level higher at a time.


Practice getting on and off the bike. Among the fears of a beginner cyclist is the awkwardness of getting on and getting off the bike. You may want to practice this in your yard till you gain the confidence to do so outside.


Practice using gears and bikes for overweight people


It may be an advantage if you become familiar with the gears on your bicycle and know when and how to use them. You may consult an experienced rider or your local bike shop for advice. You can practice using the gears on your bike at a nearby park. When you are confident with your riding, you can ride farther and enjoy the benefits of cycling outdoors.


The most important of them are:


o Daily Distance to Be Traveled


This is the most important factor which dictates the mode of transportation. If the distance between your workplace is greater than that you can manage to paddle, then you are certainly forced to adopt means of transport which is powered by fuel. But if the distance is easily manageable then the better option is to travel on a bike.


o Your Health Condition


Naturally this is another factor which requires a lot of consideration. A person’s disability will render him or her unfit to adopt a bicycle as a daily mode of commuting, but people with problems related to stress and Diabetes should make it a point to use bikes for this purpose. This will help them in regaining their lost health and will provide them with the exercise that they so badly need on a daily basis.


o Weather and Climate


It is not advised to use a bike when there is heavy snowfall and heavy rain. However using a bike in light rain during summers can be very enjoyable but with necessary protection. If you live in an area where you have moderate weather, then it is best suited for you to travel on a bike on a daily basis.