Getting Started With Biking: Tips for Heavy Cyclists

Riding a bicycle outdoors is a great exercise if you are a bit overweight. Because cycling is a low impact exercise, it does not strain your joints as is experienced among joggers and runners. Cycling is a good option to exercise particularly if you want to do it at your own pace. Should you want to shed off those excess pounds, you might want to remember and do the following tips.


Determination to Pursue Cycling.

It is normal to be hesitant to get on that bike and worry about what people might say or how you would look and bikes for overweight people.

Don’t fret. Most experienced heavy riders attest that such feeling won’t last. All you have to do is to have that determination to get on that bike and pedal your way to good health. You can conquer that fear however, you might want to take that first step.


Choose a bike that fits. The first thing you might want to consider is getting a bike that fits. You may consult your local bike shop for bike fitting. Giving the bicycle a test ride to see how comfortable you are riding it would be a good idea.


Start with flat terrain. You may want to start out riding through flat terrains in your yard, neighborhood street or the park area. Carefully plan your route so you would be biking along paths you are confident you can tackle. Then as you gain your confidence you can start biking with uphill terrain but a level higher at a time.


Practice getting on and off the bike. Among the fears of a beginner cyclist is the awkwardness of getting on and getting off the bike. You may want to practice this in your yard till you gain the confidence to do so outside.


Practice using gears and bikes for overweight people


It may be an advantage if you become familiar with the gears on your bicycle and know when and how to use them. You may consult an experienced rider or your local bike shop for advice. You can practice using the gears on your bike at a nearby park. When you are confident with your riding, you can ride farther and enjoy the benefits of cycling outdoors.


The most important of them are:


o Daily Distance to Be Traveled


This is the most important factor which dictates the mode of transportation. If the distance between your workplace is greater than that you can manage to paddle, then you are certainly forced to adopt means of transport which is powered by fuel. But if the distance is easily manageable then the better option is to travel on a bike.


o Your Health Condition


Naturally this is another factor which requires a lot of consideration. A person’s disability will render him or her unfit to adopt a bicycle as a daily mode of commuting, but people with problems related to stress and Diabetes should make it a point to use bikes for this purpose. This will help them in regaining their lost health and will provide them with the exercise that they so badly need on a daily basis.


o Weather and Climate


It is not advised to use a bike when there is heavy snowfall and heavy rain. However using a bike in light rain during summers can be very enjoyable but with necessary protection. If you live in an area where you have moderate weather, then it is best suited for you to travel on a bike on a daily basis.


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