What Does a Substance Abuse Evaluation Involve?

Dealing with substance abuse issues can be a very daunting task. The withdrawal symptoms that most attempts at suddenly refusing to take the substance that a person has become addicted to can be extremely hard to deal with to put it lightly. If you have been pondering over approaching a qualified rehab center for help then you will no doubt be interested in knowing what exactly a substance abuse evaluation that these organizations perform. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.


Substance Abuse Evaluation – The Basics substance abuse treatment Georgetown


While each Rehab center will go about conducting a substance abuse evaluation in its own specific way, the basics always remain the same –


Physical, Psychological and Psychiatric Examination – This will be performed by a group of licensed Psychologists, Physicians and Psychologists. The goal at this stage is to determine the effect that the abuse in question is having on your physiology so that the best possible combination of treatments can be determined.


Many rehab centers also utilize nationally recognized screening tools to understand the addiction level of the patient, these can include popular screening tools including but not limited to –


  1. Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory, substance abuse treatment Georgetown


  1. SASSI-3, Michigan Alcohol Screening Test,


  1. MAST,


  1. DSM-IV


  1. American Society of Addiction Medicine Diagnostic Criteria for Substance Abuse and Dependence


When you go in for rehab, you will also be kept under observation for mood, behavior and general social behavior.


You will also be required to go through a clinical interview with senior facility staff where your family background, social, legal, mental and substance abuse history will be quizzed in order to determine the scope and severity of the problem. A Psychosocial evaluation is also performed by an Addiction Specialist at this stage.


After a successful evaluation has been completed, a written clinical summary and recommended treatment routine will be given to you.


Finding the right Substance Abuse Treatment for yourself


Rehab is never easy and can often take up to months to bring a person out of their addicted state of mind, back into soberness. Given the time required for treatment, finding a treatment center which best suits your needs and one where you too are comfortable is paramount. Against popular misconception, Rehab centers are not “concentration camps” where people are zapped with thousands of volts of electricity to bring them out of their little jaunts. All rehab centers are caring, nurturing places where people are helped by very qualified professionals who best understand how hard it is to get over addiction.

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